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  • Laser eye surgery

    Eye Clinic SOMICH offers surgery performed by laser suite Wavelight -the latest in eye surgery by the Alcon Company. This suite contains Femtosecond Laser FS 200 WaveLight and Excimer Laser Allegreto Wave Eye-Q.

    With this suite we are able to quickly, painlessly and with good quality remove a wide range of eye defects. We can correct:

    • Nearsightedness up to -14.0 dioptres
    • Farsightedness up to + 6.0 dioptres
    • Astigmatism between -6.0 and +6,0 dioptres

    We offer laser surgery LASIK, epi-LASIK a FemtoLASIK.

    Our laser suite also allows corneal transplantation and corneal ring implantation.

    Laser surgery

    The essence of laser surgery is the modulation of corneal tissue by use of a laser beam. The laser beam has a wavelength of 193 nm and after its impact on the cornea surface can gently remove a predetermined thin layer of tissue. Energy from the laser radiation can break the connection between individual molecules of corneal tissue which leads to their vaporization. Each pulse of the excimer laser is then capable of removing corneal tissue with an accuracy of 0.25 micron. The distribution of laser pulses is controlled by computer through the shutters and gradual laying of tissue leads to the required change of corneal curvature and thus to the change of its optical capacity.

    With nearsightedness the cornea is in its central part flattened, becoming less refractive. On the contrary with farsightedness the goal of the surgery is to steepen the cornea and increase its refraction. With astigmatism the defect is corrected by the squaring off the irregular curvature of the cornea. Because the excimer laser produces "cold" radiation, there is no risk of heat damage of the corneal tissue or other eye structures. High precision, a good predictability of changes in surface curvature and a safety class excimer laser procedures at the fore front of current refractive surgery techniques.

    In ophthalmology femtosecond lasers are used for corneal surgeries.  The advantage of the laser is that it can cut the cornea with great accuracy.

    Laser cutting is based on a photo disruption principle. The laser beam is focused to one point where it comes to a concentration of energy which immediately turns the corneal tissue into gas (it literally evaporates). This creates tiny bubbles which thereby help in the process of tissue separation. The best femtosecond lasers can nowadays create a point only about 2 microns in diameter.

    LASIK with using the femtosecond laser is known as Femto LASIK.

    Our Eye Clinic is equipped with the fastest laser platform in the Czech Republic. As the first workplace in the central Europe we bought femtosecond laser by WaveLight Co.

    Excimer laser

    ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ EYE-Qis an ophthalmological excimer laser with a tracking beam that is used in refractive surgery. The uniqueness of this system lies in the successful combination of technologically advanced components, such as a compact excimer laser with a high repetition pulse frequency, galvanometric scanner to the precise placing of a laser spot and fast system for eye movement monitoring (eye tracker) to determine the position of the eye and the direction of the laser beam. The Gaussian beam profile of individual impulses and the diameter of track less than 1 mm guarantee the desired contours and minimize the surface irregularities during ablation. This feature, together with an open system conception allows the standard photorefractive applications (myopia with or without astigmatism, farsightedness with or without astigmatism) and also performs individual corrections according to the individual patient’s defects. It is possible to perform surgery on the basis of topographical or aberrometry datas.

    Another advantage of a small diameter spot is that running of ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ EYE-Q requires only very low pulse energy. The result is a compact source of excimer laser beam with a very small volume and low gas consumption. Because the excimer laser is operated with a high repeating frequency, the surgery time is very short. The integrated eye tracker provides a unique automatic centring of ablation and also responds to rapid eye movements.

    Femtosecond laser

    WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser

    In comparison with all of the femtosecond lasers on the market, this laser offers the fastest flap creation.

    • The standard length of a flap creation is 6 seconds on average
    • Automatic vacuum control ensures consistent suction during surgery
    • Minimizes the rise of intraocular pressure during suction
    • Fast recovery of vision

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