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  • Esthetic eye surgery

    Dermal fillers Juvederm

    used to smooth wrinkles in the following locations:

    • to minimize the appearance and softening of the nasolabial groove CZK 4300
    • to improve lip contours CZK 4600
    • to increase lip volume CZK 4700
    • to minimize the appearance of the lips sagging in the corners  CZK 4300
    • to smooth sunken skin, scars CZK 4200
    • to minimize the appearance of chin wrinkles CZK 4400
    • to emphasise cheekbones CZK 4500

    Appearance of aging in the face:


    An immediate effect which lasts for 8-12 months according to depth of the wrinkle.

    Contraindications: epilepsy, porphyria, hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid and lidocaine, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, patients prone to the formation of hypertrophic scars, skin must not be affected with inflammation, infection (herpes,acne), and musn’t be used immediately after laser treatments or chemical peels and skin dermabrasion.

    Restrictions after surgery:

    It is recommended not to use Aspirin pills and large amounts of Vitamin C one week prior to the application.
    For 12 hours after application you should protect against UV radiation, high and low temperatures and the usage of make-up. Saunas and steam rooms are not recommended for two weeks after surgery.

    Botox and its applications

    Used for smoothing mimic fan-shaped wrinkles around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, transverse wrinkles at the root of the nose.

    Results will be seen after 3-6 days, with the optimal results after 14 days. The result lasts on average 3 months.

    Restrictions after surgery: 4 hours without lying down, no cosmetic treatment, solariums or massages for a week.

    Price depends on the number of used units, price per unit is CZK 180. Average amount used on medium deep wrinkles is 15-20 units.


    • pregnancy, lactation
    • myasthenia gravis, blood clotting disorders
    • inflammation or infection in the applied area
    • the overall use of antibiotics or heart arrhythmia medication




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