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  • Eye defects

    The eye is an optical system. Rays of light go through the optical system of the eye and ideally fall on the retina. In case there is not the right balance between the length of the eyeball and strength of refractive parts of the eye it may lead to image defocusing.

    Nearsightedness (Myopia)

    blurred distance vision and good near vision. The light converges just in front of the retina. Myopia is corrected through the use of corrective lenses with negative optical power (concave). More information


    this disorder usually occurs when the cornea has an irregular curvature. The cause of the disorder usually occurs after an accident, postoperative or is hereditary. Correction is by cylindrical lenses which have their own dioptric value and axis. More information


    often occurs after the age of 40 when the eye isn’t able to focus on reading. The reading distance extends. This is due to changes in lens elasticity which can no longer arch as before. Presbyopia is corrected with glass lenses for near vision or with intraocular lenses. More information


    is a cloudy lens. The most common type of cataract usually appears after the age of 50 without any other causes. It slowly reduces visual acuity over time. More information

    Farsightedness (Hypermetropia)

    is responsible for blurred near vision but good distance vision. Light rays converge behind the retina. Correction is done by convex lenses – lenses with a positive dioptric value. More information

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