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    Refractive suite of femtosecond laser Wavelight® and excimer laser ALLEGRETTO Wave Eye-Q

    The integrated system has a huge range of treatment options tailored for the patient’s individual needs.

    Success depends on split second decisions.

    For our Eye Clinic in Karlovy Vary we have purchased one of the best device in the field of refractive surgery.  Introducing the world’s fastest laser platform

    Allegretto Wave Eye-Q ® 400Hz

    The device ALLEGRETTO WAVE ® Eye-Q excimer laser provides excellent clinical results and excellent efficiency in practice.


    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Wide range of tailored treatments
    • Ergonomic design

    Very effective laser procedure:

    • Laser head with 400Hz frequency and duration of treatment 2.5 seconds for 1 D in the 6.5 mm optical zone

    • Fast rotating patient bed transferring the patient very quickly between the two lasers

    • Setting of right/left eye by pressing of just one button

    • 6 dimensional eye tracker with a delay of only 6 ms!

    • Neuro tracking systerm for cyklotorze correction

    • Dynamic measurement of the energy beam during the surgery

    • Increased stability of laser beam and its energy thanks to nitrogen which keeps the ideal conditions of the laser beam distribution channel


    To treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

    Wavefront Optimized®, Wavefront-Guided and Topography-Guided - a guide of treatment options

    WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond laser


    • Working with f = 200 kHz (flap for ~ 6s)
    • Shortening the time of suction on ~ 30s.

    Improved fixation of the eye and suction

    • Vacuum is measured and controlled
    • Automatic fixation of the laser on ring 
    • Improved ring design
    • Large applanation zone (up to 10mm)

    The unique system of focus control and automatic adjustment

    • Thickness correction of appl. screen

    Integrated and fast rotating bed


    Ergonomic features

    • Microscope with a high depth of field

    • Movable joystick

    • Motorized arm in all directions

    Tailored flap

    • Optimal size and position of hinge

    • Flap centration during applanation

    • Improved OBL management - channel

    Versatile use

    • Lamellar keratoplasty
    • Penetrating keratoplaty
    • DSAEK
    • Intrastromal rings (Intacs)

    Creating a flap:


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